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This ship is home to ideas from another planet, which we translate to high-end film and photography. At The Brandwagon, we strive to spread positive and valuable messages throughout the world.

Want to join us on our mission to change the future of advertising? Great! Take a seat and make sure to fasten your seatbelt.


Mr. Mofongo Groningen / Corporate commercial
New Energy Coalition / Graduation announcement
Kwekerij Lambes / Short documentary
Soxs / Autumn campaign
The Stockroom (commissioned by Saam’ Marketing)



We’re not ‘just cameramen’. We are the creators of stories that really distinguish you as a brand. No cliches and no inefficient nonsense, but instant creativity and original ideas. Fast like hell and aimed to infinity and beyond.


Cinematic filmmaking

Cinematography and storytelling is what makes our blood flow faster. We create technically advanced content, with a perfectionists eye for detail. We always strive to produce on the edge. The closer to it, the more attention from your audience it draws.

Fast glass photography

We love authenticity. Seeing things as they are,
 though from a different perspective. We capture this in the images we create. What we shoot is very diverse, every project is unique on its own. The only constant factor in our work is the quality of the final result.

Travel along with us? Call +316 44 681 632 or send an e-mail to enter@thebrandwagon.nl.